Monday, June 18, 2007

It could have been worse, I guess. It could have been dead bodies.

Ok, I have told almost everyone I know about this today, and no one seems all that freaked out by it.

I was reading a case out of a Texas court of appeals handed down back in 2004. Here’s what happened: this couple buys a house, right? They buy it “as is.” Bad idea. ALWAYS a bad idea. This is a perfect example of why. The buyers wanted to have a handicap accessible shower put in down in the basement. The contractor comes in, makes a hole in the wall to do the installation, and finds another room. Actually, he finds two bathrooms, a hallway, and half of a living room, all walled off in the basement. Extra space! That’s good, right? Wrong! See, these rooms were not empty. Nope. They were filled with “garbage, junk, and contaminated refuse, including a trash heap measuring more than six feet in height.” Yep, a trash heap more than six feet in height. The junk stored there included “rusty plumbing fixtures, bathtubs, sinks, commodes, boards, pipes, rocks, and used building materials. The trash was damp and contaminated with mold.”

Hidden room. Filled with trash.


I can’t get past this. I can’t get past the idea of a person who would, rather than deal with having to get rid of all this stuff, just put a wall in front of it. Someone would rather lose two bathrooms and half a living room rather than throw their damn stuff out. These people are out there.

This is a life lesson, y’all. You need to figure out who in your life will build a wall around the problems in their life so that they can pretend the problems don’t exist, rather than deal with them. Find these people, and cut them out of your life before you get stuck with all their trash.


jes said...

Are you sure this is a true story? Homes in Texas don't have basements. I know! I've looked! I want one.

This is kind of freaky, though. Like, why not just put it all out on the curb and let the waste management workers take care of it?

That's what I want to know.

JLR said...

Positive this is a true story! And this was in San Antonio. Homes in other parts of the state do sometimes have basements.

And I know, right? I don't understand it at all.

Amstaff Mom said...

2 dead bodies in the study could have been worse.

I'm just sayin'.

JLR said...

AM: HAHAHAHAHA. And ESPECIALLY if the police were going to be here any minute.

Naomi said...

The bright side: They have all that extra space now...

JLR said...

naomi--that's true! :)

Of course, if it were me, they'd never be able to get it clean enough for me to go in there. But that's just me and my germ phobia.