Tuesday, June 19, 2007

An open letter to Jes a/k/a “Chirky”

Dear jes,

I see from your blog that you are currently reading Anna Kareninininina. I have the suspicion, which I cannot shake, that you are reading this book because Oprah suggested it. Please tell me that it’s not so.

Hopefully, I remain
Yours, etc


jes said...

Dear Impatient Chicken,

Be relieved. I didn't even know that Oprah had suggested it. I signed up for a free online book service, the kind that delivers chapters right to your inbox for those days that you are very, very, very bored at work (I'm having a lot of those lately).

I knew I wanted to read a classic, I just didn't know which. Anna Kareninininininininina was one of the options, and practically leapt off the page at me. Go figure I'd choose the book with the unending chapters.

I actually haven't read it in several weeks, but need to get back on the wagon and start again. I was liking it very much, back when I was reading it.

Be well again,

JLR said...

Dear jes,

I am relieved to hear it! And I admire your willingness to read Tolstoy. If I learned one thing in undergrad, it's that almost anything written about Russians or by Russians is depressing. The fact that you're willing to subject yourself to that shows strength of character. You must have done a lot of those things when you were young that parents say "builds character." I myself always tried to avoid those things. Maybe that's why I could never get through Crime and Punishment.

Impatient Chicken

Heather said...

I had a Russian History course in grad school. It was the most depressing 2 hours of each week.

I wanted to throw myself under a train.

JLR said...

heather--haha! Your comment is both true and apropos.

Emma Sometimes said...
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Emma Sometimes said...

Dear Impatient Chicken,

I much prefer letters than casual banter on your blog. Correspondence is highly underrated.

I believe it's spelled Anna Kareninininininaaaaahhhhbananaramadingdong.

I'm almost certain that is how they had it at the Library of Congress. The submission weighed 3 lbs from excess ink and caused one claim of insurance from employee back strain. Who knew?

I wanted to read it and then that O lady suggested it. The House of O, The Almighty O, The Supreme Being of All Magazine Covers O.

That settled it, I would not read that book.

Always an Impatient Chicken fan,

Amstaff Mom said...

I loved Crime and Punishment. What does that say about me?

And I love the spellings of Karishnamishnaina. Love them.

Hope you are doing well. I've missed talking to you!

JLR said...

I just have to say to ALL of you that you crack me up. You have all proved that you can take anything that's sort of humorous and make it much funnier.

Ems--"that O lady" bit? Priceless.

AM: AAAH!!! I've missed you!

Deals On Wheels said...

But you LIKE Dr. Oz...

JLR said...

Deals--Welcome back, btw. Yes, I do like Dr. Oz! I hate that he is endorsed by Oprah, but such is life.

And I don't have all things associated with Oprah. I just get irritated with all the people who won't pick up a book unless she's told them to. And also, I think she's more than a little full of herself. But if she gets people to pay more attention to their health, I'm all for that.