Sunday, July 01, 2007

What's next? Attacking Slip n' Slides?

As part of my job, I have to review recent decisions from a number of different courts in certain areas of the law. In reading case updates, I came across this case, which stated the facts of the case thusly:
The Lanana Creek Trail is a community trail open to the public for walking and cycling. Part of the trail crosses SFA’s campus, and the university has granted an easement to the City of Nacogdoches for this use. Diane Flynn was riding her bike on the trail, crossing the SFA campus, when she was hit by a stream of water from an oscillating sprinkler. The force of the water knocked her off her bike, causing her injury. The sprinkler was part of an in-ground irrigation system on SFA’s campus, and this particular sprinkler head was on SFA’s shot-put field about four feet from the trail.

What kind of freaky sprinklers do they have down there?


jes said...

Hey. I used to go to school down there. I can't believe this is an actual case.

The skeptic in me says that she was probably just startled when the sprinkler turned on and she FELL off her bike.

Lia said...

Serious water power! Even without caffeine!

Deals On Wheels said...

I think it was done on purpose. Like the Spice Girls, but different.

P.S. Haskell broke his tail.

JLR said...

deals: what? what happened? No wonder that poor guy doesn't like to leave the house.

lia: Seriously! That would certainly wake you up, I do think.

jes: dude! I thought the exact same thing! I'm glad I wasn't on her jury. I'd be sitting there, arms crossed, not buying it.

RR said...

Jes: I'm with you on this.

And what happened to Haskell?

Emma Sometimes said...

Maybe she broke a training wheel and her huffy fell over.

JLR said...

emma--that is a wonderful mental image to start my day with. :)