Wednesday, July 25, 2007

With any luck, it'll be days before she can get to the shredder

My BFF [haha, I love using that term because I hate it. Please don’t ask me to explain that] [OMG, we’re TOTALLY bff!] Hils a/k/a HMC has been trying all morning to use the shredder at her work. She keeps giving me updates, to my amusement.

On her 10 or so unsuccessful trips to the workroom, here are some of the obstacles in her path, in her words:
  • someone's using it.
  • or started the process of emptying it and left the container sitting outside.
  • or is standing in front of it sorting their stuff for the copier.
  • or is sitting in front of it to use one of the typewriters.
According to her, “it's getting very annoying.” According to me, the more times it happens, the funnier it gets as a story. She just came back after yet another unsuccessful trip to the shredder and asked, “shouldn't these people be at lunch?” But see, if they were, then she’d be able to get her shredding done, and I wouldn’t be able to laugh about it. Karma is rewarding me for something. Punishing her, but rewarding me. That makes me happy. That’s the kind of relationship we have. That’s the kind of relationship I have with all of my closest friends. We laugh at our minor problems. And then we talk about things like the correct way to spell “pell-mell.”

Of course, we never make fun of each other on topics that we are actually sensitive about, unless it’s completely ridiculous. Hils can’t get to the shredder? I’ll be mocking her frustration. But if she’s stressed about finals, or about finding an apartment, that’s something I’ll only be supportive about. Likewise, if I am having job problems, she’ll support me. But the fact that I use the word “dude” frequently, the fact that once in college, I ate so much peanut butter that my half of my face swelled up? Fair game.

[That’s probably why I like reading reading Ems’ blog and hearing from her so much. She’s so sweet and encouraging, yet she is not afraid to snicker at my problems. But she’s not mean.]

I guess the moral of this story is, if you're my friend, that means you've figured out what problems I have that I’m not sensitive about (hint: is it something that I have already made fun of myself for?). . . and you make fun of me for them. And you remember that turnabout is fair play. And then happily have conversations with me about the correct pronunciation of the word we just made up.


JLR said...

Hils tells me that 13th time was the charm. Oh, well, fun while it lasted.

Heather said...

I understand. I use "plethora" because I hate it.

Emma Sometimes said...

Well, I won't be getting BFF status anytime soon for not coming by for two whole posts. Darn it. I was even going to make up a new award meme on BFF Bloggers. I think I should just to make fun. It's not the 'Soon To Be Evicted Award', so I think it's safe.

Heather is so right (she can be my BFF Award winner too), plethora doesn't roll off the tongue either, not like saying an completely annoying acronym like SAHM or DH for Dumb/Darling Husband.

Just for good measure, I'll also go on record as disliking the words, "terlit" for toilet or "penal colony", me no likey.

I do, however, adore the phrase, "it was the last place I looked", because unless you look for it after you find it, it always is.