Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Avast, me hearties!

That’s right. It’s Talk Like a Pirate Day. Make it so.


RR said...

Ahoy! Hurray! It's finally TLAPD!

I went to an english-to-pirate translator and came up with the following for your post yesterday:

I’m feelin' slightly better today. I e'en had enough energy t' read a wee blogs today. Aye, I still be havin' a wicked sore throat, I’m still coughin', I’m still stuffy. But last night I actually managed t' get sleep in solid two hour blocks at a time, an' when I woke up, I sailed' aft t' sleep fairly smartly, so I’m nay also dead tired. So now I be havin' enough energy t' duel wi' me body about what’s goin' on. Last high tide', RR’s brain be havin' a conversation wi' th' lass' computer. Today, I’m havin' a conversation wi' me sinuses.

jes said...

I took a cue from RR:

Happy Talk Like a Swashbuckler Tide. Can ye send an email t' Drew, fully decked ou' in Swashbuckler language?

I'd adore that.

Ems said...

I am going to have to walk the plank. I missed it.

Amstaff Mom said...

Man! I hate that I missed it. I saw that it was coming up a few weeks ago and then.....

I was excited for you weeks ago, and thought of you then. Does that count?