Wednesday, October 10, 2007


"The people involved in Florida stories, and this absolutely does include presidential elections, are bona fide hosed up," Curtis writes. "It's not a lifestyle choice, it's who they are."

That’s an excerpt from a Slate article (“Fark Founder Flattens Fourth Estate”) about Drew Curtis’s book It's Not News, It's Fark: How Mass Media Tries To Pass Off Crap As News. The article itself is amusing, and so is (to which I have been meaning to link ever since I found it recently) (and credit where credit is due–heather already does link to it). Fark provides links to news articles. The articles that it links to are fark (news that’s really not “news”) , so I don’t recommend the articles for their news-worthiness. But they are, how to say this, “easy reading.” So if you want to read something besides TwoP or EW but don’t want to read anything that’s actually news, this is your website.

And the blurbs that describe the articles are often hilarious. Example: “Duct work collapses in school gym. If only there was a tape of some sort to keep this from happening.”

That's solid gold, baby.


RR said...

I laughed at both the quotes you posted. Thanks for sharing. :)

jes said...

that sounds like my kind of news!

Heather said...

I loooooove FARK. The more you read, the more you learn all of the jargon and inside joke-type things. It's hilarious. I believe that's where the whole LOLcats thing started, or at least got huge.