Thursday, October 11, 2007

In the category of “people who make me sick.”

In Casselberry, Florida, a 1-year old boy got into the family pool and nearly drowned. His mother found him, hauled him out of the pool, took him into the house, and called 911. Rescuers came and were able to revive him, but he now has severe brain damage and cannot walk, talk, or even swallow.

When the mother called 911, a police officer showed up at the scene. When she went into the house, she slipped on a puddle of water, presumably created when the mother took the child inside. The police officer hurt her knee and went on disability for a few months. The city's insurer, in addition to paying her disability pay, paid for her medical treatment.

The police officer is now suing the boy’s family for negligence.


Deals On Wheels said...

That's horrible. What a sad story.

RR said...

I just read a news update that said the police officer is dropping her lawsuit. Hurray!

Don't get me wrong--I feel sorry for her because of the pain she received from her injury and the pain she'll likely have from developing arthritis. And it's true that the family should have had a better method of preventing the baby from getting into the pool. But to say the family was negligent for leaving a pool of water in the house after they pulled the kid out of the pool? What were they supposed to do, leave the baby with the paramedics, grab a towel, and clean up the puddle? That's a ridiculous idea.

RR said...

I mean to say, "puddle of water in the house."