Monday, October 22, 2007

Update on the Coffee “Brewhaha”

I know you are all dying to know the latest on-dits about the coffee situation here at my office.

Today I walked into the break room, and lo and behold, there was a pot of coffee, sitting on the burner/warmer. In a new twist, the burner was not on. So the coffee sat there and got cold. And a lot of the coffee was gone from the pot. So several people had come in, poured themselves some coffee, and declined to pour the coffee into the carafe. This despite the fact that at some point, it must have been obvious that the coffee was not “piping hot,” as it is when it’s freshly brewed, and in an office of (supposedly) intelligent people, the deduction that the coffee would continue to cool even more should have been an obvious one to make. So although the coffee would not, thankfully, reach the gray, chewy stage, it would require reheating. Reheated coffee is not always that good in the best of circumstances. When what you have to reheat it in is a Styrofoam cup, well, the yummy factor is especially low for that particular cup of joe.

So why the change in the behavior pattern? Trying to shake things up? Did someone at work find my blog and decide to mess with me? This mystery requires some thought (and possibly, as rr suggested in my last post on the topic, a stake out).

p.s. You will not be surprised to hear that I poured out the last of the cold coffee and made a new pot.


Amstaff Mom said...

not surprised at all!

HM said...

The coffee person in me agrees with you. But partway through your post, the coffee person got distracted by the conservationist. WHY ARE YOU USING STYROFOAM CUPS? I mean, really, why is anyone in the office using them. But even if everyone else is, TAKE IN YOUR OWN MUG. Do I need to buy you a "this glass is now half empty" mug to give you an incentive here? Seriously. Stop with the styrofoam.

RR said...

jlr: Tell her you need the "glass is now half empty" mug! Free stuff! I've been meaning to buy one of those. Thanks for the reminder, hm. :)

Amstaff Mom said...

I love that mug! I almost bought it for my brother-in-law. It's very fitting.

Oh, how I love Despair.

JLR said...

blogger ate my comment, apparently.

Anyway, I will sum up:
(1) Um, yes, hm. Yes, you do need to buy me the mug. :) I was just looking at it yesterday and thinking it's about time I finally buy it. But, hey, I'm happy to let you do that!
(2) AM (and hm and rr)--speaking of despair, it's time to order the 2008 calendars.
(3) hm: I do actually bring my own mug up to work (though I don't think it's microwaveable), but most people don't and just use styrofoam. I know. It's horrible.
(4) But even though I bring my own mug, I'm happy to threaten to switch to styrofoam if it will get me the despair inc mug.

JLR said...

HM: also, did I tell you that I heard that the coating that they put on paper cups makes them as bad or at least almost as bad as styrofoam? So now I have guilty feelings about going to Starbucks. Are their cups recyclable? RR and I had this debate last night. We don't know.

HM said...

I don't know if they're recyclable or not, but our recycle bins tell us to put coated paper milk/juice cartons in with plastic and glass. so I put them in there, under the theory that it's basically the same thing. right?

JLR said...

That sounds good to me. AND so I can tell my dad that, in fact, he should allow me to put my milk cartons in his recycling. I will put it in with the plastics.