Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Question for your consideration

I have a question for you. Hypothetically, let’s say that you went to Starbucks and got a mocha. You take a few sips on the walk back to the office, but you save most of it to cheer you up while you work on an annoying project. When you get back to the building where you work and get in the elevator, the woman standing in front of you coughs in the direction of your coffee cup. Do you drink the coffee anyway?

Take into consideration:

  • the mocha is very yummy
  • the mocha is not cheap
  • the woman did not cover her mouth.



jes said...

Ugh. I have a hard time just BREATHING when someone coughs around me. Particularly someone I don't know.

I think I'd just wipe the cup down with an anti-bac wipe, and then with a wetted paper towel (to clean off any chemicals). Then I'd drink it.

Or, if you had the lid on, you could take the lid off and sip from the still-clean rim of the cup.

Heather said...

Drink it and pop a cold-eeze later. Don't like, lick the lid or whatever, but sip away.

You just can't throw away money like that.

JLR said...

I threw it away! I couldn't do it. I just sat there and looked at the cup, and in my mind I saw the woman coughing on my cup in slow motion. She was, like, two feet away from my cup. And I waited so long thinking about it that the mocha had begun that process where it starts, I don't know, separating, or whatever, where if you take the lid off, you think "ew, what is that?" So I didn't drink it.