Monday, December 10, 2007

Been Gone

I haven’t read your blog in a while. And when I do read it, I either don’t leave a comment, or the comment is basically just “good post!” Sorry about that.

See, recently they’ve really stepped up the monitoring of our innernet use at work, so I’m trying to minimize the time I spend online doing non-work related stuff. And then when I get home, well, things don’t work out for blogging there, either. First, all I do all day at work is read and think about what to write, so when I get home and have to read and think about what to write, I’m kind of burned out and my brain doesn’t cooperate with putting the words together.

Also, starting around Thanksgiving, I developed a cold, or my allergies got really bad, not sure which, but whichever it was, it involved lots and lots of kleenex. So I just kind of sat around once I got home and did nothing but watch t.v. Then rr had a bunch of projects and work all needing to be done at the same time, and that involved the use of the computer.

Then we found out that one of our cats’ cancer had come back, so we had to deal with medicating her, and I spent so much time worrying about it that I just couldn’t face reading about other people’s lives. And this past Tuesday, we found out that in just that week, her cancer had progressed so far that there was really nothing to do but put her out of her misery. And then rr and I came home and ate a bunch of cookies and cried. That took a few days to bounce back from. And this past weekend, I ran around like crazy trying to do all the stuff I haven’t done in a month or two.

So that’s what’s going on with me. But hopefully, soon, I’ll be back around. I hope that you’ve all written interesting stuff so I have something good to read!


Deals On Wheels said...

Poor Gabby!

JLR said...

Thank you! RR and I are firmly in the land of denial, so we're doing ok. We really appreciate your sympathy.