Thursday, January 31, 2008

Had Enough of Winter, Bring on the Spring.

I don't like the winds we've been having lately. Yesterday? Winds about 30mph, gusting up to 50mph. FIFTY! This is not one of those cold, windy places, thanks, that's why I live here. I don't like the wind that makes you look like you're in a cartoon, where you're walking, leaning forward, but literally moving nowhere (except maybe backwards). Today, while making an ill-advised trip outside, a coworker had to grab me to keep me from blowing across the street (she's quite athletic, and I'm so not).

But that's not what I wanted to talk about. I wanted to talk about how I don't like our new heating pad.

So, I don’t like our new heating pad. First of all, instead of having the old fashioned knobby-do or dial or such thing, it has a button to press that moves it up from one heating level to the next, and somehow I’m always pressing it one time too many, and then I have to go all the way around so that I’m clicking from low to medium-low to medium-high to high to low to medium-low (which is the setting that I want). And I click too fast multiple times, so it’s more like click-click- click-click- click-click- click-click- click-click- click-click- click-click- click-click- click-click- click-click- click-click- click-click-AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA-click-click-FINE-WHATEVER.

I’m pretty sure that I could press another button to go back down a level without having to go all the way back around, but somehow I can’t get it to work that way. I just get stuck in this loop in which I think I will be clicking forever.

Anyway, I also don’t like that it turns itself off automatically. Usually I’m very much in favor of any electrical heating implement that turns itself off. But I’m not worried that I’m going to fall asleep with this on my face and wake up with a burnt forehead or anything. This heating pad is for my cat. We use it to assuage the guilt we feel from keeping our home at near-freezing temperatures (and also to keep him walking around crying and from stalking us around, waiting for us to stay still long enough for him to attach himself to one of us). We put the heating pad on the medium-low setting and put it under his blanket in his favorite chair, and then he gets all warm and happy, and this makes him SHUT.THE.HELL.UP. And that makes the rest of us happy. But now I have to keep running downstairs to make sure it’s still on so that he’ll be quiet and not freeze to death downstairs.

So I’m not liking it a lot. But at this moment, right now, it’s still on, and That Cat has finally finally stopped sounding like I’m strangling him. So I’m going to go take my shower before he notices that I’m the bathroom a/k/a the one and only warm room in this place. That’s right, Wally. Waaaarm blankie.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

I can't even concentrate long enough to come up with a title for this post

So, I’ve decided that I need to get one document drafted a week, every week for the foreseeable future. That probably doesn’t sound like a big deal to you, and because I try to keep this anonymous-ish, and because in my line of work (as with many people), too much detail is verboten, I can’t explain to you why my goal is almost impossible. I can tell you that everyone I work with who I've told about my goal has said, basically, "yeah, that's not going to happen" or "have you had a stroke?" But I’m going to give it a try because I’m ridiculously behind, more work that isn’t supposed to be my responsibility but keeps becoming my responsibility is dumped on my desk almost daily, and it’s making me anxious and a little depressed. At night I basically go home and do nothing but sit around worrying. That, and eat a ton of food. And that’s making me gain weight, which is making me feel even more stressed out.

So to make myself feel a little more in control, I’m setting for myself this schedule. Hopefully, that will mean that I have more time to hang around the ‘net. I know, that doesn’t sound like it makes sense. But when I feel behind at work, I just can’t bring myself to read other people’s blogs or work on my own, because I just keep thinking that I should be working, so even when I’m not working, I’m thinking about working and unable to do anything else. So if I’m putting in 80 hour weeks at work, well, then, I know that’s plenty of time, so when I get home, if I want to be in the Internet, I can, guilt free. Make sense?

Also, I’m going to spend about $600, minimum, on new tires today, and boy howdy, that makes me sad.

In other news, THOROUGHLY SICK of my template. I’ve loved having it, but I think it’s time for something new. Emma has offered, gosh, I don’t know, roughly a hundred times to help me with a new one, but the thought of having to make decisions throws me into a state of mild panic.

I’m picturing an exchange that would go something like--

Her: Let’s start with an easy question. What color would you like the background to be?


Her: oooookaaay [pause while she adds me to the block list in her email]

Or, alternatively:

Her: Let’s start with an easy question. What color would you like the background to be?

Me [very quickly]: Good question. I was thinking a blueish color, but maybe like a whitish blue, you know, like, not dark blue, obviously, because I want the text to show, but you know, maybe a soothing blue, like the sky, but not like the sky on a really blue day, you know what I mean? I don’t know, what do you think? ‘Cause maybe a white with blue undertones would be better. Or just white? Or brown. Like a tan, a light tan, just a really neutral brownish beige-y color. With blue edges. I don’t know. What was the question?

Her: oooookaaay [pause while she adds me to the block list in her email]

So I haven’t gone anywhere with that yet. Just looking at my blog makes me feel disappointed in my time management skills. Sad for me!

And now, back to work.

And there was much rejoicing (yeeaaaa). . .

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Apparently, I'm falling apart

So apparently, I haven’t posted anything since before Christmas. I took a bit of a holiday break, and then I have not posted anything lately because RR won’t get off of my computer at night.

Ok, actually it’s because I’ve been catching up on Project Runway and baking, but I will blame it on RR because it’s probably good for her to take the blame for stuff. Develops character.

So, I went to the doctor on Monday for my yearly “please please please renew my Nexium and don’t make me go back for more tests involving sticking tubes down my throat because that just made me throw up” visit, and when my doctor asked me if I needed my Nexium refilled, I said “no, I don’t need it.”

WHAAAAAT? What what? ?!!???!!!?? Why did that come out of my mouth? Oh, and the other medicine I went to get renewed, my allergy medicine, I didn’t even mention that I needed more Nasonex, and when she told me that Zyrtec was going generic, did I ask her for a prescription for something that wasn’t generic? No, I did not. What the hell is wrong with me, y’all? No, please, don’t give me the medicine that makes me stop sneezing all day or the medicine that stops me from feeling like someone is taking a metal file and shaving off bits of my stomach lining. I DON’T NEED IT.

So. Not the most productive doctor’s visit I’ve ever had. Now I’m trying to come up with a way to say that I do actually need my medicine without sounding like I’ve just discovered that I can make money by selling my prescriptions on the black market.

In other news, It’s Cold. Yes, it’s January, so I should expect it to be cold, but it’s been so pleasant lately that I’m not used to the cold. And really, it’s not so much the temperature, which is only in the 30s, it’s the really freakin’ cold wind. The walk into work this morning, not so much fun. Normally, under these circumstances, I would have sprinted to work (well, sprinted, stopped, wheezed, sprinted some more, stopped, caught my breath, wheezed some more, walked quickly, sprinted for about 5 steps, etc), but I couldn’t this morning because, oh, yeah, I have an ingrown toenail.

The hell? Ingrown toenail? That hardly seems fair! I do not cut my toenails too short! I’m very careful about that kind of thing. Fat lot of good that did me. Apparently, my particular affliction came about because my big toe and the toe immediately next to it (index toe?) were rubbing together. Boooooo. And I had to go get antibiotics for it because my toe looks very, very angry right now. It’s all inflamed on the side, raised skin and very red, with a white spot on it that is hopefully NOT filled with pus (ew, gross). Why do I have so many foot problems? Isn’t it bad enough that I have arch problems that prevent me from wearing super cute shoes? Why are you punishing me, God? WHHYYYYYYYYYYY?????!!???

So anyway, today I’m wearing ugly shoes that emphasize the fact that I have clown feet because these shoes are the only ones I have that don’t squeeze my foot. Thrilled about that.

Allergies are bad today. The bad weather that blew in brought something with it that, apparently, I’m quite allergic to. And I forgot to take my allergy medicine this morning because I’m an idiot. I did use my neti pot, but that was only marginally helpful. I’ve been a fan of the neti pot for a few years now, and it really does provide relief from the overwhelming sinus pressure that I’d had for so long before I started using it. But even the magic neti pot was no match for my allergies this morning. It helped, but it didn’t solve everything.

In work news, I got a lot done on Monday and Tuesday (finally! yeesh.), less so yesterday through no fault of my own (no, actually, Boss, I do NOT have time to run with you to Starbucks after our 2 hour lunch, but I’m too chicken to tell you that, so, yes, please, let’s go, I would be happy to walk more on my angry toe, actually, yes, this mocha is yummy, but OW OW OW aaaaand the day is over), and today looks to be almost a total wash out. On account of the allergies, I’m sitting here basically in a stupor. Like, just now, a coworker came to talk to me, and it took all of my available energy not to just lay my head down on my desk while she was talking to me. I’m having Qdoba for lunch and having them put spicy stuff on my burrito bowl thing, so that hopefully will be conducive to drainage. Make mine chicken with a side of yummy!

So, what’s going on with y’all?