Wednesday, January 30, 2008

I can't even concentrate long enough to come up with a title for this post

So, I’ve decided that I need to get one document drafted a week, every week for the foreseeable future. That probably doesn’t sound like a big deal to you, and because I try to keep this anonymous-ish, and because in my line of work (as with many people), too much detail is verboten, I can’t explain to you why my goal is almost impossible. I can tell you that everyone I work with who I've told about my goal has said, basically, "yeah, that's not going to happen" or "have you had a stroke?" But I’m going to give it a try because I’m ridiculously behind, more work that isn’t supposed to be my responsibility but keeps becoming my responsibility is dumped on my desk almost daily, and it’s making me anxious and a little depressed. At night I basically go home and do nothing but sit around worrying. That, and eat a ton of food. And that’s making me gain weight, which is making me feel even more stressed out.

So to make myself feel a little more in control, I’m setting for myself this schedule. Hopefully, that will mean that I have more time to hang around the ‘net. I know, that doesn’t sound like it makes sense. But when I feel behind at work, I just can’t bring myself to read other people’s blogs or work on my own, because I just keep thinking that I should be working, so even when I’m not working, I’m thinking about working and unable to do anything else. So if I’m putting in 80 hour weeks at work, well, then, I know that’s plenty of time, so when I get home, if I want to be in the Internet, I can, guilt free. Make sense?

Also, I’m going to spend about $600, minimum, on new tires today, and boy howdy, that makes me sad.

In other news, THOROUGHLY SICK of my template. I’ve loved having it, but I think it’s time for something new. Emma has offered, gosh, I don’t know, roughly a hundred times to help me with a new one, but the thought of having to make decisions throws me into a state of mild panic.

I’m picturing an exchange that would go something like--

Her: Let’s start with an easy question. What color would you like the background to be?


Her: oooookaaay [pause while she adds me to the block list in her email]

Or, alternatively:

Her: Let’s start with an easy question. What color would you like the background to be?

Me [very quickly]: Good question. I was thinking a blueish color, but maybe like a whitish blue, you know, like, not dark blue, obviously, because I want the text to show, but you know, maybe a soothing blue, like the sky, but not like the sky on a really blue day, you know what I mean? I don’t know, what do you think? ‘Cause maybe a white with blue undertones would be better. Or just white? Or brown. Like a tan, a light tan, just a really neutral brownish beige-y color. With blue edges. I don’t know. What was the question?

Her: oooookaaay [pause while she adds me to the block list in her email]

So I haven’t gone anywhere with that yet. Just looking at my blog makes me feel disappointed in my time management skills. Sad for me!

And now, back to work.

And there was much rejoicing (yeeaaaa). . .


Amstaff Mom said...

Hang in there lady. And I will try to check back soon to see your new look.

JLR said...

Speaking of hanging in there--how is Super Mom? Anytime I start to feel sorry for myself about how busy I am, I think of you and get embarrassed. You rock. We should do lunch or something soon--if we can ever find a time that our schedules match!

RR said...

Hee hee. Yellow wallpaper.

Do I post that comment every time you label a post with "Yellow wallpaper"?

Deals On Wheels said...

Uhmmm, wow.

Yellow makes me angry. Always has. Not a happy color for me. Don't know why, though. It just is.

I don't even know how to make a blog header. I keep trying but is never works out. So, my blog is boring. And there is (apparently) nothing I can do about it. Sigh.