Friday, February 08, 2008

At This Point, It's Actually Starting To Get Funny

Three days in a row, y'all. This time, it's coffee pot avec coffee, coagulating on the (on) burner. The coffee, it is not so hot, despite sitting on the burner (and also, it's not so hot in the sense that it's not all that great). About half a pot's worth of coffee is missing, from which I conclude that more than one person has taken coffee from the coffee pot. That means that we have at least two lazy coffee drinkers who can't be bothered to pour the coffee into a carafe and don't care that they are ensuring that coffee that started out mediocre at best will deteriorate even further so that it's potable only by adding lots and lots of half and half. Or (giving them the benefit of the doubt as to their motivations) at least two people who have never considered that maybe that carafe is there for a reason.

So now I'm really starting to think someone truly is messing with me. It's becoming kind of a joke for me--what will I find when I go into the break room today? A little something to break up the monotony of the day. I do fancy myself to be a bit of a Nancy Drew, after all. There aren't that many people in this office, and not all of them drink coffee, so I really think I can figure out who it is. And then? The messor will become the messee.

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Amstaff Mom said...

I LOVED Nancy Drew books.

At least there's humor to be had in the chronically cooked coffee.