Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Weird Electricity Goings On

So, last night, my hair dryer started making this weird clicky, ‘bout-to-catch-fire sound while I was using it. Also, when I was making my yummy grilled cheese sammich for dinner, this weird high-pitched squealing noise started coming from the general direction of the stove top. Was it the stove? The pan? The sandwich? I don’t know (but I ate the sandwich). Then, RR tells me that when she was using the microwave during the day, it kind of flashed on and off a few times.

WTH, y’all? I’m afraid of our townhouse now.

Also, I’m buying a new hair dryer in case it’s not that I have a poltergeist and the hair dryer is actually going to catch fire the next time I use it. Any recommendations?


Deals On Wheels said...

Sounds like a wiring issue and/or power surges. But I'm not an electrian so who knows.

Wow. I just read my comment. SO NOT helpful.

Yeah, sorry about that.

JLR said...

Yeah, NOT HELPFUL. Thanks.

On the other hand, if due to some power surge or uninvestigated wiring issue, I accidentally set some kind of electrical fire while using my hair dryer, you'll get to say you told me so.