Monday, March 24, 2008

A Telegram

Darlings comma what do you think question mark Have bought sewing machine with RR stop Am so thrilled stop Resolved will be successful comma not like photography or horseback lessons stop Feeling so very "Project Runway" right now stop Fabulous full stop

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Why again with the sick?

AGAIN I am sick, this time with a cold. RR's cold. I know she didn't infect me on purpose, and mine didn't get as bad as hers. Hers includes a lovely sinus infection, fever, and the absolute inability to sleep at night at all or for more than a few hours at a time during the day, plus she has so much school work and work work to do that she can't just lay around feeling sorry for herself, which everyone knows is how you get well.

But still! I haven't been able to stay asleep at all for the past five nights, the first four because I kept waking up every few hours to sneeze A LOT and then had trouble getting back to sleep, and last night because I had to go to the bathroom EVERY HOUR, except from 2am-3am. I knew when I was drinking all that water that it would be a mistake, but I figured I'd maybe have to wake up once. Wrong!

Of course, on the upside, when I've woken up at night, at least there's someone to talk to. I'd wake up, sneeze a whole bunch, grumble "you got to be kidding me," and hear a friendly but incredibly sad hello from RR's room.

Most of my congestion has settled on the right side of my head, so it's a little puffy on that side (no, rr and hmc, I did not eat a lot of peanut butter), and also, with all that pressure, my teeth feel like they are about to fall out of my head and my face feels like it's about to just break open. Oh, it hurts. And my precious neti pot can only do so much. I will spare you the details about what's been coming out of my nose.

Today at work, my coworker who is on maternity leave brought her incredibly adorable 2-month old baby for us to see, and everyone got to hold her but me, because I am Contaminated.

I've been eating copious amounts of salsa and tilting my head a lot to the left in the hopes of moving stuff around to ease the pressure. Of course, that makes me sneeze, and also, it's hard to read stuff on your computer screen with your head tilted as far as you can, which makes work slow. So . . . I don't know. All I know is that it's 9pm and I'm really thirsty, so I'm about to go drink a lot of water. So, tonight is shaping up to be great!

But at least I'm not RR. I am complaining because I hate being sick and also because my teeth really, really hurt, my nose is really chapped, and I have to constantly carry around a tissue lest I sneeze something gross on people (people do not forgive you for that) (and then I'd always be that woman who sneezed on them) ("Oh, yeah, I know her. She sneezed on me once. Just sneeeeeezed right on me."). But I know it could be a lot worse (See RR), so I'm also grateful that it's just this bad. But I do feel like I've already served my ear, nose, and throat illness time this year, so I really should have gotten a pass on this one, and on that issue I do think I have a valid point. So, I'll just wrap this up by saying that if I get a similar illness again in the next few months, somebody will take the blame. So just look out.

Sunday, March 02, 2008

I wish I had something interesting to say, but I don't

Hey, y'all. How is every little thing?

I don't have anything exciting to post, so I'm just going to do a hodge-podge. Let's see, first off, today I bought a Jellycat brand Bartlesham Bear for a friend who's wife just had a baby (well, technically the bear is for the baby). This bear was so soft, and made in just the right proportions that I almost couldn't part with him. I wanted to keep him and carry him around everywhere. Le sigh. Parting was such sweet sorrow.

Speaking of buying things, yesterday RR and I went to the Dillard's Clearance Center, and we cleaned up. Like all clearance outlet type places, it's always hit-or-miss shopping there, but yesterday, they had TONS of cute stuff. It was hard to narrow down my purchases. Plus, it was an extra 40% off weekend. Score! RR got a super cute silk shirt that was originally $149—she got it for $16.75. Nothing that I bought was over $10. It was a good day. They even had lots of cute shoes—I almost never get there when they have shoes in my size that are worth buying. I wish that we'd had time to go back today.

Friday night, we ran into a friend at Whole Foods, and she invited us to come over and hang out. She and her husband and kids live about a mile or two down the road, but we hardly ever hang out. It was great to see her—she's really one of the funniest people I've ever met. And . . . she has a Wii. And she let us play it. Bowling and tennis were both fun. And athough it pains me to say this, I must: Guitar Hero is awesome. There. I can hate myself now. Not awesome: I have had Foghat's “Slow Ride” stuck in my head since Friday. I like the song, or I did (and here I profess my affinity for classic rock), but it's driving me crazy. Slow ride. Take it ease-ee.

Also not awesome: our local PBS station is not showng “Emma” tonight. Instead, we get some Sarah Brightman concert or something. Do not want! I really don't like those pledge drives. Show me something I'd actually watch, and I'll donate. Play Daniel O'Donnell or Andre Rieu, and I'm just changing the channel. No offense meant to them, but that's not stuff I tune into PBS to watch—and PBS doesn't seem to play those guys anytime other than pledge drives. I remember back in the old days when they showed things like “Anne of Green Gables” during pledge drives. I'd totally donate if they showed “Anne of Green Gables.“

And that's really all I have to say.