Thursday, April 10, 2008

And so it continues

Others have started noticing the coffee brewing carelessness that’s rampant around here. My two coffee drinking buddies (one of whom has an office right by the break room and so has a great opportunity to solve this little mystery) noticed yesterday, without me even being in the room to point it out, that an empty coffee pot was stuck on the burning hot burner and left there to explode. Fortunately, they noticed it before the exploding part happened. We had a brief conversation trying to figure out why this is happening, how anyone who worked here couldn't know that empty coffee pot + heat source = bad things. One of said coworkers wondered if someone was “messing with us.” My thoughts exactly, my friend.

Of course, now that Someone has branched out and taken to leaving the little door to the butter section open in the refrigerator so that the stuff that’s in there (including a granola bar that’s been in there for at least a year) will go flying out if you open the refrigerator door to quickly. I close the section door, but when I come back later, it’s open again. And this morning, when I closed it, saving the old granola bar from certain expulsion? I noticed that someone had put an egg in there. An egg, y’all. I think it might be a boiled egg, but still. AN EGG. Tell me that someone isn’t messing with me.

At least one of my coffee buddies is humoring me and will close the butter section door whenever he sees it open. I don’t care if he’s doing it to mock me ("Hey, [JLR], I just want you to know that today, I saw that little door open, and I closed it. I'm defending you."), whatever, I’ll take it.


Heather said...

Tape the butter thing shut.

Bee Repartee said...

Great minds think alike for Heather and I.

Two words:

Duct Tape.

JLR said...

Wow, I should check my blog more often.

I'm not surprised y'all had the same suggestion--and it's a good one.