Thursday, May 29, 2008

I'd Like to Go to Bed Right Now, But I Can't Because A Movie I Hate Is On T.V.

Hello! I’ve been busy! But not with anything interesting!

I really needed to get some work done tonight, but I didn’t, thank you very much Hoosiers. Stupid movie. I can’t not watch it.

Speaking of things I can’t not watch, I’m taking my cue from a recent reader poll on asking what movie or t.v. genre they can’t pass up.

I have just a few. One, I cannot pass up documentaries about storm chasers. I don’t know why, probably because I’m terrified of tornadoes. And for the past month, the local PBS station has been showing documentaries about tornadoes and storm chasers on Thursday nights. And so tonight, instead of getting work done, after I watched Hoosiers, I watched yet another documentary.

Two, I will watch anything with Gary Sinise. I am aware that he will not meet everyone’s idea of the Ideal Man, but I find him disturbingly attractive. He fascinates me. Because of him, I watch CSI: New York. I’m even willing to watch Of Mice and Men when it comes on the television, and I hate Steinbeck.

Three, and this will surprise no one, I am absolutely, positively, addicted to mysteries. Which is why, at this moment, instead of getting work done, or getting ready for bed, or doing the dishes, or making up for the extra Z-bar I ate tonight by spending some quality time with the Wii Fit, I’m watching the most recent PBS adaptation of Agatha Christie’s Ordeal By Innocence. For the second time. I hated it the first time, and yet, here I am watching it again. They really did a number on Ms. Christie’s books in the most recent productions they’ve done; they’re terrible. Some of the stories are almost unrecognizable.

And RR and I also always watch when they have the Inspector Lynley mysteries on. The books aren’t bad, but, again, they diverged from them quite a bit in making them for television. Every week, we’d watch an episode, get good and mad, and then, the next week, we’d watch the next episode. Grr. But I can’t not watch!

I am excited, though, that they will soon be airing some more episodes of Foyle’s War. Michael Kitchen. I just love him. He was disarmingly adorable in Enchanted April, and he’s excellent in this series as well. And it’s a good mystery! You should watch.

Anyway. I should go now. I have a mystery to watch and get mad at. Again.


RR said...

Oh, yes, the mystery/detective shows. This is why I love one of our local independent tv stations so much. Perry Mason (love!), Hawaii Five-O (love!), Matlock, Streets of San Francisco (hello, young Michael Douglas!), and Mission Impossible. I don't give money to the local pbs station in part because they keep airing those jacked up Miss Marples, but if this other station had a pledge drive, I would donate. And I know you would, too, jlr.

Bee Repartee said...

I'm saying hi because that is what friends do. :)

Don't you find that when you turn on the tv you end up on some Lifetime channel watching the SAME movie but not in entirety. You just get sucked in.

I think I've seen Officer and A Gentleman about 47 times if you lump together the fragments.

Deals On Wheels said...

You're still watching the movie you hate on TV, aren't you?

Yeah, it's JUNE 27th...give up!

And come to Spring Ho.