Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Mom smokes in the car. Jesus is ok with it, but we can’t tell Dad.

Ok, now that all the shows (except 30 Rock) have had their series premiers, I get to talk about them. Yea t.v.!

So, my thoughts, for the two of you that still read my blog.

Big Bang Theory:
Still think it’s funny. One thought, though—a little less Sheldon, please, and a little more adorable Leonard (who is the type of nerd that I would date in real life–he’s not totally devoid of social skills, he just likes sci fi and has no sense of fashion). Don’t get me wrong, the Sheldon character is funny, very funny, and the actor playing him made me laugh out loud in the season premiere. But it’s not The Sheldon Show, and I’m worried that eventually the “he just doesn’t know people at all” schtick will get old or annoying if that’s what every single episode revolves around or depends on for humor. I don’t want them to ruin my Monday night, so I hope they fix it.

The character of Chuck is so cute. He’s another one that I don’t get why he’s single. So cute! And so sweet! In real life, that guy would have had a girlfriend by now. Casey continues to dominate my list of fictional characters that I might like to have as friends. Yes, he's sort of crazy and yes, he will kill you in a heartbeat if it means saving the country, but he calls a spade a spade and doesn't worry about whether you'll still like him if he's honest. I think I have a bit of a crush on him. And Sarah has really grown on me. I never disliked her before, but I wasn't rooting for her. Now I think she's just as cute as Chuck in a sophisticated, nerd-at-heart kind of way. Love this show still.

Samantha Who.
I love how this show has lots of embarrassment without ever crossing the line into so awkward that I can't watch (known in my head as the "British Office line"). I’m so glad it’s back. Christina Applegate is fab-u-lous, as is everyone else on the show.

Pushing Daisies.
This show of course continues to be must-see-t.v. for me. There’s just nothing else like it on t.v. It’s quirky, it’s sweet, it’s visually stunning, it’s laugh-out-loud funny, and it’s perfectly cast. If you don’t watch this show because you think it’s too "out there," you need to adjust your boundaries. There aren’t many shows on television that can surprise you, but this one does, and it’s worth watching just for that. And Emerson Cod, he's also on my list of fictional characters I kinda want to be friends with.

Still good, very excited that it’s back, but I am worried about how well it will do in the ratings. I have missed the Crews/Reese interaction. They are probably my favorite team on television, romantic or (as in their case) otherwise, even more than Ned and Chuck, Ned and Emerson, or Casey and Chuck. And in this past week’s episode, they established this season’s over-arching mystery right at the end, and I got all giddy inside in anticipation. I can’t wait to see how they play it out. If you haven't been watching the show, get the season 1 dvd and start at the beginning. It will grow on you.

And for the only new show on my t.v. watch list right now, My Own Worst Enemy.
I wasn’t sure if I was going to like this, but because it had Christian Slater, I decided to give it a chance. Who didn’t love Heathers and Pump Up the Volume as a teenager? Well, I mean, who in my age group didn’t? Those were movies of our generation. (Now, of course, I watch Pump Up the Volume and think how glad I am not to be at the age where you really think the whole world is against you. But Heathers, I don’t scoff at) And, also, though RR and I may be the only two people on the planet who would say this, I even loved Kuffs. Mr. Slater has always worked for me (although I never did see that Untamed Heart movie, and I hope I never have to). So, the show. For the few part of the show, I wasn’t sure I was going to like it. But somewhere in the middle, it got me. And caused me to swear loudly at the stupid converter box when the picture cut out for a few seconds. I will definitely be tuning back in. Several of the reviews I’ve read, people seemed to prefer Edward over Henry—not me. A man who loves his wife and kids and is happy with a life that doesn’t involve saving the world, I find that very sexy. And Christian Slater pulls that off. We already knew he could play perfectly a charming psychopath (see: Heathers), but I think I like this side of him.

Thoughts? Anyone?

In non-television related news, work is still beating me down, I have no life outside of work and television, my allergies are still making me feel like dirt, and I still don't even have time to check out my favorite websites or blog. So still nothing interesting to report. But I miss all you guys!

Over and out.


Deals On Wheels said...
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Deals On Wheels said...

Oops! I think I accidentally erased my comment. Take two:

Trevor loves PUSHING DAISIES, which kind of cracks me up (I never would have thought he'd give a show like PUSHING DAISIES a chance since there is no gore or ghosts and the show has a love story angle and all).

I also love DIRTY SEXY MONEY. Mainly, because of Peter Krause (yum...Peter Krause). His character on the show is so sweet, and I like to pretend I'm watching Trevor on the boob tube (they do look similar and some of the facial expressions are uncanny).

Of course, I have (and love) my DVR. Shows on demand and not being tied to a TV schedule: Awesome.

Deals On Wheels said...

P.S. And there is always ER, which tragically will end in just a few, short months. It's hard to let go - especially since I've been a faithful watcher since I was 14 years old.

Bee Repartee said...

Good to see you are ALIVE!! :)

Pushing Daisies is one I've just discovered. Mr Coffee and I watched Season 1 thanks to Netflix.

I love Life but I keep thinking, "Soames! What are you doing!?"

I can't get enough of House, either, but I have a serious crush on Hugh Laurie. It's the Brit thing...

JLR said...

So, apparently, I need to check my blog. Deals, you should totally watch the show, but online unless you are a nielson family, because they are in serious danger of being canceled. And also, sign the petition.

Bee, you, too! And I know what you mean about Damien Lewis! When I realized he was going to be playing the lead, I just wasn't sure that I could see him as anything else.

Did you see Hugh Laurie in the P.G. Wodehouse adaptations? I love P.G. Wodehouse, and Laurie was perfect as Bertie Wooster. I wasn't sure I would like him in drama, but turns out, he's fabulous. I needn't have worried!

JLR said...

and deals, ER---blech. Not sorry it's almost over!

I don't really like DSM (which I sometimes refer to as "the show with Trevor"), but I DO like Peter Krause, so I watch it sometimes.