Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Life is Great

So, I recently watched the season (and possibly the series) finale of "Life." Wow, you guys. It was soooooo good. I couldn't sit down for most of it because I was too nervous. The season one finale just about made me sick to my stomach, I was so tense watching it, so worried about what was going to happen, and this one wasn't much behind that.

Do you watch "Life"? RR and I had not planned to be regular viewers. I remember when the show was premiering, I saw the promos, and I thought, 'Lame!' I had absolutely no desire to watch it. And then, one night when we were bored and nothing else was on, we were flipping channels and happened to see the first few minutes of the episode “Farthingale.” It was all over after that. We were hooked. RR and I immediately watched all of the previous episodes online, and we haven't missed an episode since.

Yes, the show is about two police officers, yes, they solve crimes every week, but this show is absolutely not another "Law & Order" or "CSI." This show isn't a cop show anymore than "Veronica Mars" was . . . other than the fact that the main characters are cops. This is a show about a man who happens to be a police detective. Just like how on the first season of "Veronica Mars," Veronica solved a case every week, but also was working to solve the season-long mystery of who killed Lily, this show has a mystery that underlies the whole season. The center of the show is the character of Charlie Crews, who, as we learn in the first episode, spent 12 years in prison for a murder he didn't commit. Released from prison after new evidence turned up, he got his job back on the police force. This show is about Crews figuring out who set him up. And my friends, it's quite a ride. It will suck you in.

The show also develops very nicely the relationship between Crews and his assigned partner, Danni Reese. Over the two seasons, they develop a real friendship that is just lovely to watch.

Damian Lewis is PHENOMENAL on the show (you may remember him from "Band of Brothers"). Y'all, I was right about "Arrested Development," I was right about "Veronica Mars," I was right about "Pushing Daisies." I'm right about this show, too. And, naturally, since it's a smart show, people don't watch it, and it's in serious danger of cancellation. I'm begging y'all. Get season 1 from netflix. Watch the first season*--it's only 11 episodes. I promise you'll get hooked before the season is over, and you'll want to see what Crews finds out. If you do, buy the episodes on Amazon or buy the dvds, and then tell your friends. This show doesn't deserve to be canceled. *I suggest you watch the whole first season because it takes a bit for the series to hit its stride.

Oh, and did I mention the show was funny? It's funny. It's a drama. But like Veronica Mars, it's funny. Trust me. This one's a keeper, and without more people watching it and SOON, we'll lose one of the best shows on t.v.

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