Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Toilets, Babies, and Starbufee

Yesterday, the automatic toilet flushing mechanisms thought they'd have a little fun with me. On three separate trips to the bathroom, the toilet flushed whilst I was still upon it. Three separate times. Fortunately, I wasn't in the middle of anything other than my usual o.c.d. arranging of the t.p., so I was able to jump up, but still. Ew.

In other news, BF/R is having a baby in a few short weeks, and I still haven't bought a present for her. Because I suck. Also, I am majorly indecisive. But mostly, I suck.

And, finally, to conclude this short post about nothing much interesting, a friend of mine gave me a Starbuffee gift card as a thank you for doing her a favor, and she put way too much money on it. It makes me feel guilty because it wasn't that big of a favor. That being said, it's awfully handy. I love it when people subsidize my habit. But is it weird that when I went there with her today, I couldn't bring myself to use the card in front of her? As though using the card would somehow convey to her that I didn't appreciate the gesture, that I took her nice thought for granted? Yeah, I guess it's weird. Hmm. I will have to make sure to use the card the next time we go.

Thursday, July 09, 2009

Project Runway Excitement!

Project Runway is back! Project Runway is back!

No, not the original Project Runway.* Project Runway Australia.


*Please note that I'm not knocking the original, which I love obsessively. But season 1 of PR Australia didn't have a Wendy Pepper, Jeffrey, Santino, or Kenley in the final three, so in a way, it was far, far superior to the U.S. version.