Thursday, July 09, 2009

Project Runway Excitement!

Project Runway is back! Project Runway is back!

No, not the original Project Runway.* Project Runway Australia.


*Please note that I'm not knocking the original, which I love obsessively. But season 1 of PR Australia didn't have a Wendy Pepper, Jeffrey, Santino, or Kenley in the final three, so in a way, it was far, far superior to the U.S. version.


RR said...

So very, very, very excited! Hurray!

I can't believe I'm this excited over a reality show...but I am, and hurray!

Bee Repartee said...

Tonight I thought I felt chickeny and thought to come by and say, "Hi. I'm not dead. Aren't you shocked?"

So here I am. Hi. I'm not dead. Aren't you shocked?

JLR said...

I AM shocked! And I'm so glad you're not dead!!!!! Helloooo!

Deals On Wheels said...