Sunday, January 24, 2010

Song(s) of the Day

Today, I'm cleaning the abode, which makes me feel better but isn't exactly exciting. When I'm doing heavy-duty tidying, I like to have some music playing that makes it seem more fun. What about you? Need some pick-me-up music today? Maybe one of these will work for you.

(1) "Home," Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeroes. You can listen to it on their myspace page. Yes, they are a bunch of hippies, but that doesn't bother me (and no, Deals, not because I'm one of them---still shaving! still bathing! don't wear patchouli!), and I hope it won't bother you.

I don't know where I was when this album came out last year because I totally missed it. But I'm trying to play catch-up---I've had this song playing more or less constantly for the last month.

Not your style? Try this one:
(2) "Down The Road Tonight," by Hayes Carll.
I just love Hayes Carll. I'm a little sad I didn't go see him when he was in town recently, but the show didn't start until 10pm. 10pm!! I'm old, y'all. I can't stay up that late.

I'd also recommend "Bad Liver and a Broken Heart," "It's a Shame," "Good Friends," and "Beaumont," but they don't fall into the "pick me up" category. If this song doesn't make you bop around your house, you must be dead inside (or at least you must be in the throws of depression).

Want something a little bit more smooth? Can't go wrong with Robert Cray:

(3) "24-7 Man" and "All the Way," by Robert Cray.
Take Your Shoes Off may be one of the most perfect albums of all time if you like your music with a dash of the blues. Well, even if you don't. When it came out, "24-7" was on rotation at our house pretty much, well, 24-7. "All the way" is slow, not at all bop-around-the-house music, but it's got soul, man. As RR said, "if it's a nice Spring day, it's sunny, the house is clean, and I've got nothing to do, this is the only song I want to listen to."

I hope these songs help you forget that it's Sunday, which means we all have to go to work tomorrow.

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RR said...

Thanks for the links! I've been enjoying listening to Hayes Carll and Robert Cray.