Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Incident Report And A Comment

I've got nothing going on, so I thought I'd offer up an Incident Report (a la RR) and a random comment.

Incident Report
Time frame: last 30 days

On the way down the stairs in my townhouse, I missed the last step and fell. When I was on my way out of town for a conference. And was running about two hours late. Hurt like heck, but I persevered, got on the road, and got to the conference just in time to miss the sessions that I wanted to see that day but right in time for the tour I didn’t want to go on.

This month, I got stuck in my office not once but twice, though neither time was really my fault. I don’t mean “had too much work to do and couldn’t leave,” I mean literally trapped inside my office. I had this felt Easter basket full of coworker bribery (a/k/a kit kats and peanut butter cups) hanging on my door. When one of my coworkers came in to talk to me, she shut the door so we could talk confidentially (because we were talking confidential lawyer stuff and NOT because we were talking about one of our coworkers). Part of the basket stuck between the door and the doorjamb, and this somehow made it impossible for us to open the door from the inside. I had to call a coworker to let us out. And then, not being one to learn from our mistakes, I didn’t bother to move the basket and the same thing happened again a few days later.

By the way, you just don’t know how stupid you can feel if you’ve never had to call someone to ask him to come open your door for you. And then have to call again a few days later.

I dropped oatmeal on my pants two days in a row. And on each of those days, it happened twice. Went to take a bite, somehow missed my mouth, poured oatmeal on my pants, swiped furiously at my pants with a napkin, and then freakin’ did it again with the next bite. This was in the presence of the same coworker with whom I’d been stuck in my office, so I’m thinking that something about her aura makes be even more of a catastrophe than I usually am.

Spilled coffee on my pants one day, tea on a sweater the next day, and the managed to get a mystery item on my cardigan the day after that.

I'm really wanting to try working out using a kettlebell, but I'm terribly afraid I will drop the darn thing on my feet or accidentally fling it at my cat.

Random Comment

On a non-incident-report note, I am the Mr. Rogers of the office. On days that I don’t wear a suit, I almost always pick out a cardigan to wear that matches my outfit, in case my office is cold that day. But once I get to work, I always—always—take off the cardigan I wore in and put on my "office sweater," a large, soft, cuddly sweater that I keep in my office. And then when I leave, I change back. And I also usually wear a one pair of shoes to walk in from the parking garage and then change into fancier shoes when I get here, and then change back when I leave. I have no plans to change this behavior pattern. But I will accept the mocking comments of my coworkers.

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