Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Kill or Be Killed, I Guess

I definitely am starting to think that we live in The House of Death. Last night, I killed a bug in my room. Normally, I try to trap bugs and put them outside, but I kind of freaked out because (a) I had never seen anything that looked like it before and (b) this one was heading for under my bed, where I feared that by the time I returned with some trapping device, it would have vanished, and I would never see it again, or more accurately, I *would* see it again, but not until it jumped on me in the middle of the night and tried to kill me. So I squashed it. It punished me by leaving behind what looked like blood stains on my carpet.

I had thought that maybe my killing Mystery Bug was balanced out by the fact that just a few minutes before, I had seen a tiny beetle-type bug scurrying across the kitchen floor, and I decided to just let it be. I mean, it seemed either scared for its life or very purposeful, either way clearly in a hurry to be somewhere else, so it seemed like the right thing to do let it go. And I found out later that RR had seen the same bug and had also opted to let him alone (at least, I hope it was the same bug). But then after I killed Mystery Bug (which, by the way, was difficult to kill, and I felt like a terrible person repeatedly clobbering it with a shoe, WHOMP [lift shoe] “still not dead” WHOMP [lift] “still not dead?” WHOMP [lift] *sob* “still not dead”—at least I didn’t have to use a hammer), I went back down to the kitchen only to discover that a spider had found Mr. Beetle, and unlike me, spider dude was not willing to live and let live with the beetle. RR and I were horrified. We acknowledge that spiders have to live, but it still made us feel like, at a minimum, bad hostesses. “Feel free to live in the kitchen, don’t mind the murderer over by the pressure cooker.”


RR said...

Ack, I felt so terrible! I felt as though I had sent it to its death! What's worse is that I debated whether it was too late to rescue it from the spider, and I was afraid to get involved, like if I intervened, the spider might get me instead. And that, of course, only added to the feelings of guilt.

Deals On Wheels said...

You two are bizarre. I love you both dearly. But, really: BIZARRE.

JLR said...

It's true! It's something about myself that I have come to accept. Like my height.

Just kidding, I still haven't accepted that I won't get any taller.