Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Music Notes: Sounds like . . .

Is it just me, or does Scott McCurry's "Don't Do It" make you think of Lasse Lindh? I'm not sure if it's his voice or the combination of his voice and music, but every time I hear that song, I think "Oh, it's Lasse Lindh. Oh, wait, it's not."

Not that I don't like Scott McCurry. I do. But this one song always makes me expect someone else.

Seriously. Listen to "The Stuff,"

And then listen to "Don't Do It" (from Like the Sun). (sorry I don't have an embeddable clip for that one).

Can you hear it, too? No? Just me, then? Ok, fine.

I'm hearing musical similarities all over the place these days. The first thing I thought when I heard "Allison" by pop-punk band The Burning Hotels was, "that music sounds exactly like 'A Hundred Hearts'" (which is a great song by The Swimmers from an album of good songs--you should buy it). And then I thought, "I really dig this song." And then I decided it's not exactly like "A Hundred Hearts."

The more I listen to "Allison," the more I like it, and the less it reminds me of The Swimmers.

But judge for yourself. Here is "A Hundred Hearts."

And here's "Allison":

The music is very similar in one part, really almost exactly the same. And I know that's not just me. But both great songs! Support your local indie band!

And on that note, I'll end this with a song that doesn't remind me of any other song (and totally unlike the songs I mentioned above). The Orbans are a Fort Worth band. Buy local, right? If you don't like this band, there might be something wrong with you.

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