Sunday, January 30, 2011

I don't have anything else to say, so I will tell you what movies I saw last year

My last post covered current events, the weather, and sports, so I guess this post should be entertainment news. I will therefore complain about the fact that I did not know that Prince was going to be in town. I would have paid to see him in concert. Probably. I mean, I hate crowds, so maybe not. But still! Prince! Yeah, I think I would have gone.

That's all I've got in the entertainment news area. I guess I could talk about movies?

I love watching movie trailers. I regularly go online and hunt down new trailers so that I can decide in advance, months and months in advance, whether I'll want to see a movie. By the time the trailers starting hitting television, and my friends start mentioning to me the movie they think I'll be interested in, my reaction is less "oh, that sounds interesting, I'll look into it," and more, "oh, that's finally coming out now?"

I think that what I like about trailers is the possibility a trailer represents. The possibility of seeing a movie with friends, the possibility that the movie will be enjoyable, that kind of thing. Actually seeing the movies, on the other hand, is something I usually don't get around to doing. I think it takes some extra factor besides just "I think I want to see that" to make me actually get in my car and go see the movie. I saw two movies last year: Alice in Wonderland and The Man From Nowhere. I saw Alice because a friend wanted to go see it. I mean, I wanted to see it, too, in the sense that, in theory, I was amenable to the idea. But she wanted to see it in the real, concrete sense, the sense that involves actually picking a day and a theater and a time, making plans, committing to them, and following through. So we went because I had someone for whom the statement "I'd like to see that" is something that you follow up if you have the means, rather than just a statement of wishful thinking that you can't actually make come true merely by taking affirmative steps, like "I'd like to win the lottery."

So I went to see Alice, and I didn't love it, but it wasn't bad. Visually, it was certainly interesting. Helena Bonham Carter was fantabulous.

I wanted to see The Man From Nowhere because I love, love, love action movies, but what got me to actually follow through with seeing it was that it was a foreign film. I knew if I didn't actually make plans, it would be gone from the theaters pretty quickly, and I had no way of knowing if it would be available on DVD here. So I went, and I was really proud of myself for that. It was quite good, if you like action movies, and in particular the "awesome conflicted, damaged main character battles bad guys to try to save innocent victim" type of action movies, which I do. A lot. If you don't like those types of movies, I can tell you that although visually, it was quite pretty (I don't know film terms but I liked the coloring/lighting of it), there won't be much else to interest you. If you do like that type of movie, then you should see it.

Also, Won Bin is not bad to look at. At least, that's what I thought until I looked the movie up online and saw pictures from some event relating to the movie, in which he wore a shirt that made him look like an extra from a Tupac video:

You see what I mean? And some things cannot be unseen. I'm sure that shirt is from some high-end fashion designer's collection, but some things don't look good on anyone. Let's please all agree to lay off the outfits that make some people have flashbacks to their sophomore year in college when "California Love" was on heavy rotation on MTV. *shudder*

So. Those were the two movies that I saw last year. Despite my love of action movies, I did not go see Reds or Salt because I didn't have a friend who wanted to go, and I knew I could get them on Netflix. Which of course, I haven't done, because I also don't rent movies, and when I do rent them, I don't watch them. My Netflix queue is where movies go to die. I refer to it as the list of movies that we're going to pretend that we'll watch eventually.

Oh, wait, I forgot that I also saw Due Date. Well, "blocked it from my memory" is probably a more accurate statement. I would love to have those two hours of my life back.

But this year is starting off well, as far as movie watching goes. I watched The King's Speech this month (thanks to the same friend who wanted to see Alice), and I loved it. Of course Colin Firth can make me cry without saying a word, and I'm a sucker for any story set in the lead up to World War II, as well as a movie about a person overcoming a personal disability, or overcoming family problems, so they basically wrote this movie for me. But still, it's only January, and I've already seen a movie in the theater, so this year is looking good for me, entertainment-wise. I can't think of anything else that I want to see this year, though, at least from the trailers I've seen so far. Except for maybe that Justin Bieber movie. Ha! I kid.

Seriously, though, this year is not looking good for me. I do want to see Desert Flower, and the new Jane Eyre looks decent (though I don't see how it can top the recent BBC production), but I'm not sure either of those will be something I see in the theater. Unless one of my friends wants to go, of course.

Movie suggestions, anyone? And please don't say Black Swan.


RR said...

Justin Bieber's making a movie?! I hope you are joking.

Also, the same friend who went with us to see Alice and the King's Speech also wants to see the new Jane Eyre, so I'd say there's about a 50-60% chance we'll see it in the theater.

JLR said...

Oh, really? Half of me is excited at the thought that I'll actually go see it in the theater, and the other half is trying to suppress nervous laughter at the though of having to commit to leaving my house.