Sunday, February 13, 2011

R.I.P., Betty Garrett

[FYI, Red Skelton is doing a bad fake Spanish accent (on purpose) because his character is pretending to be José O'Rourke, the character played by Ricardo Montalbán.]


flask said...

hello. i wandered in here as part of an exercise: i like to read random blogs and i subscribe to some of them and today i thought i'd just wander around and look for something good and yours was the first good one i found.


that's how many blogs i had to read before i found one i liked.

anyway. hello. happy to find you.

RW said...

And I am here because flask said you're pretty cool. Not a terrific fan of Skelton because he did tend to be a reactionary, but on exploration I do approve of this content!

JLR said...

flask and RW, welcome!

I have also done the blogger scroll through before. I almost always wind up with only mommy blogs (not that there's anything wrong with that, just not my area of interest) and blogs written in (I think) Portuguese. I'm happy you wound up here. I'm flattered. Very much so.

RW, I know what you mean about Skelton. I grew up watching his movies on cable before I learned anything about him personally, so I'm able to enjoy all the stuff that I watched before then. I don't know if it's intellectually honest, but I'm able to compartmentalize like that.

I went to both your blogs, and I was too tired to be able to focus, but I did read random sentences in the middle of quite a few paragraphs (this is also how I got through law school), and so far, what I've read, I really liked! I'm bookmarking your blogs to go back and read more thoroughly this week.

Thanks again for stopping by--I really like finding good blogs to read, and it's so much easier when they come to you. :)