Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Sad Family News, Grumpy Fig Face

Ok, so, as RR mentioned, our grandfather died last week. As sad as I am, my grandfather had not been in good health for awhile, so although it took me by surprise, it wasn't a shock. It does make me sad, though, naturally, so like RR, I'm operating under the "just don't think about it" plan. And, in keeping with that, I'm not really going to talk about it here.

I will say that this experience is giving me a new appreciation for attorneys who have impulsive clients who don't listen. Or rather, clients who don't think to ask questions. My uncle is the "this seems like the thing I'm supposed to do and I don't think I need to bother asking anyone about it" type, so I feel like we've been just one step ahead of him in estate matters. I don't mean he's trying to steal my dad's share of their (small) inheritance. I mean that it didn't seem to occur to him that there might be important legal-type information that he doesn't have but really needs before taking any steps relating to my grandfather's stuff. I'm a little worried that he will do or not do something that causes a situation that takes money and/or not insignificant effort to fix.

"Well, technically, you don't have to go through probate, but if you want to sell the house, it's not in your name, and Grandpa can't sign the deed, him being dead and all, so . . . Yeah, please don't try to sell the house yet."

This post is kind of a downer, so I will move on. Here's a picture of a fig I can't bring myself to eat, for reasons that should be obvious:

fig small

General rule of thumb: don't eat something that's staring at you. I think that's just good advice.


flask said...

i'm so sorry.

good luck with it.

JLR said...

Thank you, flask. I appreciate it.