Thursday, May 19, 2011

Visually-Striking Exciting Revenge Movies

is what Netflix is suggesting for me as a category of movies I would enjoy, based on my recent addition of "The Good, the Bad, and the Weird" and "Last Man Standing" to my queue. Netflix isn't wrong--who doesn't like visually-striking, exciting revenge movies? [See "Ajusshi" a/k/a "Man from Nowhere"] But it does feel disconcerting to see it right there on the page staring at you, like some weird personality test I didn't know I was taking. What about suggesting movies based on my love of Jane Austen, Netflix? Huh?

Actually, it did also suggest a Fred Astaire movie. That was a little strange. "We think you'll like this movie about killing people! And also this movie with tap dancing!"

netflix suggestions small
These are practically the same movie.

I've always wanted to see "Last Man Standing," which is supposed to be an adaptation of Yojimbo, which, from the description, sounds an awful lot like Hammett's Red Harvest. The man who made "Yojimbo" said he took the plot idea from Hammett's Glass Key, but it sure sounds like Red Harvest. I love both those books, though, so I guess I don't care. Anyway, point is, I want to see "Last Man Standing" despite it's bad reviews because it's based on a movie that's based on a book that I love. And, hey, Bruce Willis.

Wow, that was really boring. I think talking about your Netflix queue in a blog post may be the clearest sign that you've got nothing to talk about.

And I really don't have anything to talk about, or anything that doesn't make me tired to think about. 2011 continues its determined march toward topping my list of "Years I Was Sure Glad To See The Back Of" (hence the current slowness in posting). I really thought "death of grandfather" was when the year was going to bottom out for me, but alas, I was mistaken. I won't bore you with the details, suffice to say that I just keep telling myself that this time next year, this will all be past. Everybody has to have this kind of year, right? To make you appreciate the good times?

So, boring and depressing. I'm on a roll here.

[My brain is on low battery right now, so just pretend I am now making a smooth transition into a new topic]

So, I decided to make this a week of No Complaining About Boss Lady Or Coworker. I knew it would be difficult, but I felt it was for the best. I’m way too negative at work. I really don’t care if my attitude has a negative effect on my coworkers, but I don’t want to look for another job. That means that if I don’t want to be miserable about work, all I can do is change my how I feel about my job. So baby steps—first step is trying to go several days without complaining.

Of course, I had this resolution last week, and that didn’t go so well. Last Friday my coworker made sure I was going to be here this past Monday so she could work from home and then informed me that we were on Blerg duty starting today. It’s a Monday, and we are on Blerg duty, and she’s going to be out of the office? What are the odds???!!!! Frack on a stick, y’all. Sweet Maui onion. So, yeah, last week, not feeling the love for the work place. But this week I decided to try again. Positive attitude. Totally freakin’ positive. No complaints here.

That went about as well as you would expect. I tried, I really did. And actually I did manage to stop myself from complaining several times. But then my boss made a decision that made me feel like she has absolutely no trust in my professional judgment (Me, for 10 minutes, on repeat: "I think it's X." Her, for 10 minutes: "I think it's Y." Random coworker: "I think maybe it's X." Her: "Oh, maybe I should look at this again."). But that's TOTALLY FINE. I don't mind at all.

So I'm going to try again next week.


Hey, speaking of positive, I really love my tai chi classes! I will say, though, based on some long-time members of the class, it doesn’t appear to have weight-loss benefits. Yes, I know that’s a tacky thing to say, but I guarantee that if you took this class with me you would think the same thing, as evidenced by three other members of the class who joined at the same time as I did independently coming to the same conclusion. As someone who ate many, many peanut butter cookies this past weekend, I’m not judging, I’m just saying—don’t practice it for weight loss. But I still recommend it for a nice way to relax and add some movement to your day.

I think I've complained enough for today, so, if you will excuse me, I'm going to go get in bed so I can get up early because in a moment of insanity, I agreed to meet a friend for coffee tomorrow morning at 7:15. Fingers crossed that my alarm clock is working now after it's run-in with my water glass this morning!

Update: Totally almost made it on time for my coffee meet-up this morning! Only 3 minutes late--that counts as "on time," right?

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RR said...

From what I've seen of them, Let's Dance and Ninja Assassin are quite similar, except that the Fred Astaire character has a much larger role in Let's Dance. Also, the dance numbers in Ninja Assassin are more relevant to the plot.