Sunday, October 23, 2011

Before the Rain

Here are some more pictures of the Texas sky, this time before the rain.  Nights like the one in the pictures are why I love living in Texas.  Yes, this part of the state is flat with short, stubby trees (compared to other parts of the country, anyway), but that just means you see more of the sky.  Of course, I say it's flat, but then I took these pictures looking up at slight hill, so maybe these aren't the best illustration of the big sky I'm talking about.

These pictures were taken yesterday from and near the parking lot of the rehabilitation hospital where my grandmother has been staying, where they force her to grudgingly exercise to rebuild her strength, so that she can get out of the wheelchair she's been in since she fell.  She doesn't think she needs to do them, and she gets mad at my mom for making her, so she pretends to be asleep when my mom tries to make her go through her routine.  I have already talked to my mom about how she's not going to be stubborn like that when she's her mother's age.  She says she won't be, but she already kind of is, so I imagine in 20 years my mother will be pretending to be a sleep when I visit her. 

I took some of the pictures on my way into visit my grandmother, about half an hour before I literally bored her to sleep (I think at one point I tried to talk about how new and clean her socks looked--and that was me making an effort) (I was tired! I did not bring my conversation A-game).  

The rest of the pics I took as I pulled out of the parking lot on my way home.  Yes, while driving. Don't worry, there were no other cars around, and I was watching the road, not the camera (hence the slight blurriness).

As expected from the pictures, we had quite the storm last night.  Don't you love the way the air feels after it rains? 

I hope everyone has a great week!

sky2 oct 22 2011

sky3 oct 22 2011

sky8 oct 22 2011

sky10 oct 22 2011


Bee said...


All those cloud shapes. It's like Where's Waldo for the climatologist crowd.

JLR said...

I know, right? I'm so glad you like clouds, too. :)