Wednesday, March 14, 2012

An old friend and "favors" that aren't favors

So, on Saturday, RR and I went to visit a friend from high school.  We had not seen since her wedding 13 years ago.  She had just had surgery, but she was fine with us coming to visit her anyway because she thought our visit would distract her from post-surgery discomfort.  It was really good to see her, and much of our time with her reminded me of why we had been friends in high school.  Other parts reminded me of why we hadn't seen her in so long.

One example: she seemed to think it was acceptable to say that RR and I'd had big, frizzy hair in ninth grade (not entirely untrue), and then she pointed out how RR's hair looked nothing like it did then.  And then she turned to me and said, "Your hair's still kind of . . ." 

Yep, right to my face. 

To be fair, it was a bit on the frizzy side, but only just.  It was not "big," and it wasn't even that bad.  I would not have been embarrassed running into an old boyfriend with that hair.  AND it was raining.  AND I had just returned from going out in the rain sans umbrella to pick up some lunch.  But hey, thanks for telling me you think my hair looks like crap.  Right after you made fun of my major in college and wondered out loud why anyone would choose my major.  Ok, that's two examples.

I'm not going to make any comments here about her hair, but believe me, she had no room to talk.  And I said absolutely nothing when she said that she liked "classic lines" in her clothes, and I thought "oh, is that what you call the style of old lady from the 1980s?" Yeah, I thought it, but I didn't say it.  And I only thought it because at that point it had been several hours of her pointing out how awesome she was and how much every decision I had ever made in my life was the wrong one. 

We finally extricated ourselves around 5:30p.m.  We had originally planned to leave around noon, but when we got there around 10 in the morning, she sprung on us that she wasn't supposed to be left alone so soon after surgery, and her husband had to run out for work for a bit, so was it possible for us to stay until he returned around 4?  Of course, we couldn't say no to that.  My friend's appalling lack of a filter aside, we enjoy spending time with her, but boy were we ready to be out of there.  We both needed to work, albeit from home, and we were both a little tired from holding in the sarcastic retorts. 

But then on the way home, our landlord called.  See, he had had a handyman over at our house around 9a.m. to start work on re-grouting our kitchen counters.  He was supposed to come back the following weekend to re-grout the shower.  But I guess he decided it would be better for us to do it all at once, so he was calling to tell us that they'd started work on the shower and we couldn't use the shower that night.  All we wanted to do at that point was go home, eat dinner, and get some work done, but instead we had to go to our parents' house to use their shower.  Well, first we had to stop by the store, buy some underwear, go to my parents' house, wash said underwear, dry it, and then shower.  We were less than pleased.

And, it turns out, we couldn't use the shower the next night, either.  Or the night after that.  We got almost nothing done this past weekend that we'd planned on doing.  

Our landlord does this kind of thing a little more often than we'd like.  He's trying to be helpful, but he continually thinks of things from the perspective of how he would like things done if he were the tenant, even though we point out to him with some frequency that we are not at all like he is.  We like to plan our schedules, especially on the weekends, when we have far more to do than time to do it in.  We like to know ahead of time if we are suddenly going to be finding another place to take a shower and not after it's too late to say no.  

Sometimes we'll point out some repair that we'd like done, and he'll take care of it, but in a way that's entirely different from what we'd asked for, causes far more inconvenient, and is a lot more work and expense for him.  He's so pleased with the work, I'm sometimes tempted if he'd like us to move out so that he can move in.  And I appreciate that he tries so hard to keep us happy.  But because he doesn't pay attention to our personalities, or to the words we tell him, that his efforts to keep us happy tenants kind of backfire. 

We've noticed that back door needs some work on that insulation edging stuff that makes the door seal, but we have no intention of reporting that any time soon.

But on the plus side, we saw a lot of our parents, and I got to see the Cheeto my dad saved because it looked like a former president.  And let's face it, you don't get to do that everyday. 

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