Friday, April 06, 2012

Tornadoes, CT Scans, and General Fattiness

So, you may have heard that we had tornadoes in the area on Tuesday.  It is amazing that no one was killed.  I'm also completely shocked and so, so happy that my house and my parents' house all escaped with no damage.  My dad's car did have some hail damage, and actually they do have to have someone come out and check their roof for hail damage as well.  If they have to replace it, it will be their third roof in four years.  They do not have good luck with hail.  But the storm that produced one of the tornados passed right over my place and over my parents' house, and yet everything is intact.  That's pretty amazing. 

I was a bit nervous watching the weather on the television by the bar at the restaurant I was stuck at during the storm, as the radar images showed one of the storms going right over my home, then my parents' home, then my dad's workplace.  But I was distracted by how hungry I was.  Yes, I was at a restaurant, but there was nothing I could eat there.  We'd gone there for one of our weekly work lunches. I think my boss doesn't believe I have food allergies and am just staging some sort of hunger strike, because I can't think of another good reason why she would drag me to a restaurant every week so that I can watch her and my other coworkers eat food.  Those lunches always last two hours.  And this time, we were stuck there for even longer while we waited out the storm.  Further evidence she doesn't believe I have allergies: she asked me if I wanted dessert, I said there was nothing I could have, and she said, "You can't have bread pudding?"  I gave her a confused look and replied, "Well, it has wheat . . . and eggs."  I did not say, "otherwise, I would eat the bread pudding whenever we go to that place with the really good bread pudding instead of sitting there, watching y'all eat it, staring longingly at your plate the whole time."  But I thought it.  It could have been worse. I could have been RR, who had to spend the storm in the restroom at work because that's the safest place in their building. 

But that no lives were lost, and that my family suffered minimal damage--I'm pretty excited about that.

I'm less excited about my latest medical escapades.  RR and I often say that we rarely have anything serious wrong with us, but we frequently have minor but very annoying medical issues.  I'm currently having such an issue.  For the past month, I've had some issues related to my breathing that I decided to have checked out.  My GP didn't hear anything weird going on with my lungs, so she put me on prednisone to see if that helped.  That wasn't that helpful, probably because I completely screwed up on the dosage instructions and didn't take it the right way.  Instead of going back to my GP because I didn't want to get yelled out for my failure to do some tests for a small anemia issue and because I was pretty sure the breathing thing was related to allergies, I just went to see my allergist. 

My allergist also didn't hear anything wrong with my lungs, I concurred that I don't think there's anything going on with my lungs, and a breathing test indicated that my lung function was a-ok.  Out of an abundance of caution, though, she had me do a chest X-ray.  She called me the next day to tell me that my results were "interesting."  Not "interesting" as in "code word for scary but I don't want to freak out the patient," but "interesting" as in "there's nothing serious here, but there's this weird thing."  Turns out my lungs were hyperinflated, which usually goes with things like emphysema (which I don't have) and asthma (which I don't have--see excellent lung function, above).  But the X-ray could show hyperinflation if I took a really deep breath right before the X-ray, and I don't have any lung issues, so she's not that concerned about it.

The other "interesting" thing was a small opacity that could be a benign cyst, or a benign hernia, or--and this is what she thinks it is--a fat pad.  A fat pad.  A FAT PAD.

Yeah, I googled it, and yeah, that kind of thing is often associated with obesity.  I'm not obese.  I'm not close to obese.  I'm not really overweight.  Ok, yes, I could stand to lose two to five pounds.  I'm not obese.  But I have a fat pad. 

This just confirms my long-held belief that I am primarily made up of fat.  I may not be fat, but I am fatty.  

So now I have to have a cat scan.  Of my fat pad. Can't wait.  

At least everyone at work will have to stop giving me a hard time about being a healthy eater.  Right?


flask said...

glad you are ok.

sorry about the food allergies.

good luck with the fat thing.

i know, it;s not avery interesting comment. i just felt i should say SOMETHING, you know?

JLR said...

:) It's a perfect comment!