Wednesday, January 23, 2013

I'm siiiiiiiick

I seem to have developed a cold.  I can tell that I really don't feel well because it's noon and I'm still wearing my pajamas.  Usually I can't stand staying in the pajamas I slept in for any real amount of time after I get up in the morning.  Sometimes I want to lounge around in pjs, but in that case, I change in to a different set of pajamas, or just some yoga pants and a t-shirt.  Never the same pjs that I slept in.  So when I don't mind not changing clothes, I know I don't feel well.

I would rather have a cold than a stomach virus or strep throat, but of course having a cold isn't exactly fun, either.  I'm grossing myself out with the coughing and the phlegm, and then of course there's "the smell."  Whenever I have a sinus infection or similar trouble in my sinuses, I can smell this smell, and all I can think is that I'm smelling phlegm.  Disgusting, right?  That's why I shared.  I don't want to be the only one grossed out.  I'm selfish like that.

Now that I've shared that with you, I guess I should go take another nap.  I've been awake for two whole hours, and I think that's long enough to earn another nap.

I will leave you with a link to a post from two years ago, when I also had a cold and had to purchase new tired for my car, which I think is way worse.  It kinda puts having this cold in perspective.  But back then I was also in the middle of my running phase, so I was in better shape overall.  I guess I should start exercising again.  But not now.  Now, I nap.


flask said...

i;m sorry about your cold.

will it help you to know that i have been wearing my pajamas for weeks?

pajamas = athletic clothing = long johns

clean set every day, but the only time i'm not wearing them is when i shower.

enjoy your nap.

feel better.

RR said...

Not having to buy new tires this time may make it better, but it's still not good. I've seen you today, and you look *terrible*. If you feel half as bad as you look...

Flask, I'm jealous of your pj's every day. My new goal in life is to have the kind of job where that is possible for me, too.

JLR said...

flask: thanks for the encouragement! I feel a little better today. Should I interpret you comment to mean that you are lounging around your house in long johns every day, or that you HAVE to wear long johns because it's so darn cold? Because if it's the latter, that does make me feel better. At least it's not cold here.

RR: Yeah, I looked pretty bad yesterday. But the popsicles you brought me made things a lot better. You rock!