Thursday, January 24, 2013

In which I implement yet another strategy for becoming an early riser, which will probably fail like all the rest

I've thought for awhile now that I should order a daylight alarm clock (a/k/a sunrise alarm clock).  I am not a morning person. I love sleeping. I do not wake up refreshed and ready to start the day.  I wish I could afford to pay someone to come into my house every morning and physically roll me out of bed.  It would have to be a stranger because if anyone I knew did this to me I would never forgive that person, even though it had been done at my request. The first feeling I feel upon waking up in the morning is an intense anger that you could probably accurately describe as "rage." 

It's possible that Adam Dachis made this image to describe my reaction to someone waking me up.
 It's not something I'm proud of.

So I thought that a daylight alarm clock would be worth a shot because it might work and it couldn't make me less likely to get up in the morning.  But I'm cheap, so I kept putting it off.  But the other day, I broke down and ordered one.  It should be delivered today.  I'm super excited.  

I can't wait to try it out.  Of course, I'm still feeling under the weather, and I have mucho sick time to burn, so I will probably stay home tomorrow, obviating the need for the alarm.  Then again, I could set my alarm and see how I'm feeling in the morning.  That wouldn't be the best test of my new alarm clock, because if it didn't work or just made me wake up angry (like every other alarm clock ever), I wouldn't know if it was because the alarm clock doesn't work well for me or because I'm cranky from not feeling well.

But I'll probably try it anyway because I cannot resist new gadgets. 

On a different note, I'm so grateful for Anipang.  It turns out that when you can't get to sleep because your head hurts and your throat is killing you but you are too exhausted to even watch t.v., you can still play Anipang to pass the time. I wish I could say that my scores have improved these past few days, but alas, not so much.

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flask said...

back in the day i used to have one o' them clocks it used to help me a lot.

nowadays i just sleep until i wake up.

for some reason these last two months i bounce out of bed ready to go between six and seven, but only because when i wake at five i force myself to snooze.

i can;t adequately explain this phenomenon.

i used to struggle to be awake before ten and sometimes fell asleep standing up.